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Greenville College - Music Camps
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Greenville College Summer Music Camps
General Information

June 8-13, 2014

Drum Major and Leadership Camp
This camp will be led by Will Fairbanks, Director of Bands at Greenville College.  

Campers will work on leadership skills, including: how to motivate your band; how to lead warm-ups, how to lead sectionals; how to help develop espirit de corps.

Campers will learn score reading, score sight-reading, musical interpretation. If they bring music for their band, they will also get time, instruction and ideas on how to conduct that music as well.

Campers will develop and or continue to develop field conducting skills including: various meters, dynamics, cueing and the like, as well as learning how to read and teach from drill charts (created from Pyware Java 3D).

Campers will work on voice commands, roles and responsibilities of a drum major, both on and off the field, personal discipline.

Campers will demonstrate what they have learned at the end of the camp (directors, parents, relatives and friends are welcome and encouraged to come).

In addition to your drum majors, we invite you to send your section leaders and drill leaders to learn how to work with other students, teach music and marching, handle conflict and more.


Garage band/ Singer/Songwriter
This camp will be led by Grammy award winning writer, bassist and musical director for Gloria Estefan and Miami Sound Machine, Jorge Casas and Luke DeJaynes, adjunct professor, Greenville College, and drummer for the band Essential Elements.
Garage Band will have campers form bands and play various style rock tunes. If campers have their own band, they may register as a group (there will be discounts for full bands registering together). They will be given instruction on interpretation, stylistic performance, how to practice and improve playing, performance and writing skills.

Singer/songwriter campers play and sing their song either on piano (supplied) or guitar (must have their own). They will work on techniques to improve their songwriting and performance skills.

We will supply PA, mikes, stands, Piano, Bass amp and drums for all the clinics/workshops in the Blackroom at GC.

Choir Camp
This camp will be led by Dr. Jeff Wilson, Professor of Music, Director of Choral Activities, and Chair of the Department of Music at Greenville College.  Dr. Wilson also conducts the Greenville College Choir and Chamber Singers.
Campers in the choir camp will sing a variety of styles of choral literature, look at various sight-reading techniques, and perform a concert at the end of the camp (directors, parents, relatives and friends are welcome and encouraged to come).  Techniques used to improve vocal tone, intonation, diction, choral blend, and musical interpretation will be taught.
Sectionals and lessons (lessons will be at an additional cost) will be led by various GC faculty, area directors and upper level students at GC.

Location: Greenville College is located in Greenville, Illinois, off of I-70, 45 miles east of St. Louis. Greenville is a small, safe, idyllic hometown. All camp events will take place on the GC campus.

Housing/Roommates: All on campus campers will stay in dorms located on the GC campus. All events and meals are within a very short walking distance of the dorms. Students wishing to room together can make a request by June 3 to the music department office. We will do our best to accommodate all requests for roommates.

Camper supervision: All camp activities will be supervised and attended by one or more of the following: camp faculty, band camp counselors, approved and trained GC student leaders.

Workshops: Campers will be offered several options for
workshops. They are encouraged to select a different one each day. Some of the tentative workshops (not all will be offered everyday and will depend on instructor availability) include:
•    Music Recording
•    Learning to read music pt 1
•    Learning to read music pt 2

•    Sight-reading 101
•    Music Business
•    Vocal Class or How to Sing 101 (basics)
•    Classical to Pop - Super Singing 201 (level 2)
•    How to make First Chair
•    Praise and Worship leading

Click here for mail-in registration.

For further information, contact:
GC Music Camps
Attn: Linda Peters
315 E College Ave
Greenville, IL 62246